Kalani Robotics Academy (KRA) 

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KRA is an educational program that gives students, grades 1-8, an introductory course in designing, building, and testing robots. KRA consists of four classes each directed by a student members of our team. One class can fit a maximum of 16 students. Here at Kalani we encourage students to challenge themselves so if you or your child believe that they can handle higher level thinking, don't hesitate to sign them up for a higher level course.


In KRA, students will not only learn a lot about robotics and electrical appliances, but they will also gain in creativity, confidence, technological experience, learning skills, and teamwork. While they are growing in these areas, they will also learn to have fun, which is the key indegredient to motivation, creativity, productivity, and success.


Time Frame:

January 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21






2021 Signups Now Open!


Cost: $50

Online: Click the SIGN ME UP button or email us  at 3008@imagineworks.org

Sign Ups are being handled through our non-profit, ImagineWorks!


Due to the pandemic, this year KRA will be 100% online and offered to students grades 5-8.

Course Information


Lego WeDo

Recommended grade: 1-3

WeDo is an introductory robotics course that uses specialized, programmable lego pieces to create moving projects, such as crocodiles, birds, and other fun contraptions. This course is a great way to learn the core concepts of robotics in a fun, easy way!

Lego Ev3

Recommended grade: 4-6

During this course, students will learn to program and customize a robot that utilizes sensors such as ultrasonic, light, sound, and touch to complete challenges autonomously such as navigating through various obstacle courses and competing in sumo matches set up by the instructor.


Recommended grade: 5-8

Unlike the rest of our courses, the Kano course is aimed towards students who want to learn how to code. Using Kano kits, students will build simple mini Raspberry-pi computers and learn to code games and applications such as Snake, Pong, Minecraft, and more!


Recommended grade: 4-6

VEX IQ allows students to enjoy building and programming robots using lego-like VEX parts. The robots will be piloted by studens via remote control to complete exciting tasks and challenges! Students will be challenged to create a robot using what they have learned about sensors and programming to come up with solutions to a problem.

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