Design Team Priorities 



  • Robot must be built to have detached pieces able to fit into suitcase perimeters

  • 28” by 15” by 8”

  • Saves cost as opposed to shipping

  • Easy transport, lower chance of robot getting lost in cargo

Score in the Lower Hub

  • There are two hubs low and high

  • Low is 41 inches off the ground

  • High is 104 inches off the ground

Reach the Mid Rung

  • There are 4 types of rungs

  • Low - 48 3/4in off the ground

  • Mid - 60 1/4in off the ground

  • High - 75 5/8in off the ground

  • Traversal - 91 in off the ground

Taxi in Autonomous

  • Taxi is when all the alliance robots move off of the tarmac zone. 




This years competition was called Rapid React presented by the Boeing Company.  This year’s game features teams in alliances controlling a robot to process cargo. Each alliance is given a color, red or blue, that will determine what teams they work with and score for. Teams must retrieve cargo placed around the tarmac and field, as well as retrieve cargo loaded from terminals, and deliver them to the shipping hub for processing. Near the end of the match, robots must ascend into the sky at their hangars and prepare for transport and score.