COVID-19 has caused Team Magma major setbacks in the way we operate our organization. However, thanks to the hard work of our team, we have been able to adapt to this situation. Today, two years into the pandemic, our team is slowly coming back to life with the influx of new members to our team. As we train both new and old members, we hope to build upon their skills to become a team stronger than ever before. Thanks to our strong structural support from our mentors and returning members, this goal of ours is very much achievable.


Additionally, we're reaching out to our community to aid in any way we can, while also keeping in mind the restrictions of COVID-19. Outreach events are certainly harder to coordinate due to social distancing, but our team participates in all that we can. This year, that includes fixing up a leadership camp (Winner's Camp), and donating to Waikiki Elementary Winter Store.