All of our products are designed by students on the team. We are constantly looking at ways we can improve our products and make new products. The money from all of our products supports our team. Feedback is greatly appreciated (contact us).


Laser cut products are made with our laser cutting machines in our Protolab. Currently, we only sell wooden products but hope to use different materials in the future. We are constantly trying to make new and fun products. We will soon be accepting custom orders from the public.


An introductory robotics kit that is great for parties, classrooms, and pretty much any event! Bristlebots are highly customizable and super fun for all ages!


Batteries Included!

Easy, Resealable, Frustration Free Packaging

Each Package is easily opened and is resealable to keep all your parts in one place.

Take Bristlebots to your classrooms

Need fun, educational learnig tools for yor classroom? Bristlebots are a great way to learn and teach! Download our Bristlebots workbook for classroom activities, curriculums, games, and more.

Each Kit Includes:

x1 Instructional Package

x1 Colored Toothbrush head

x1 Vibrating Motor

x1 Batter Holder

x1 AAA Battery

x3 Glu Dots

x3 Small Rubber Bands

x1 Large Rubber Band

x1 Pipe Cleaner

x2 Wiggly Eyes