Who Are We?



We are the Kalani High School FIRST Robotics Team 3008 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Founded in 2008 by a handful of motivated students and a willing teacher who shared a common mission: to provide a better future for the student and community, we are now an internationally recognized team, constantly extending our reach into the local, national, and worldwide communities. To our team, it's not just building robots. It's passing on knowledge and opportunities to the members of our community. Here at Team 3008, the community comes FIRST. Learn more


The Competition


We participate in multiple real-world engineering challenges involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. You'll see us a variety of tournaments, namely Vex, FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge), and FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), RWDC (Real World Design Challenge), and more. The season is all year round.  Learn more


The Outreach


We put the community FIRST in everything we do. So it's our duty to reach out and spread STEM inspiration to the public, to create a sustainable and healthy community. By participating in over 40 outreach events yearly at malls, craft fairs, and elementary schools totalling in 1,155 hours of outreach, we have the opportunity to provide a better future for both the students of our team, and the community. Learn more


The Protolab

In a partnership with ImagineWorks, our nonprofit Kalani Robotics alumni association, we developed Protolab, a solar powered mobile makerspace equipped with CNC laser cutters, 3D printers, and workshops taught by our own team members on how to use them. With Protolab, we provide all equipment, resources, mentors, and space needed for anyone interested in starting a FIRST team or seeing their ideas come to life, making STEM and FIRST accessible to everyone. Learn more


The Bristlebots

Developed by our very own team members, BristleBots are micro robotics kits for the education and entertainment of anyone and everyone. Made with a toothbrush head, motor, and a dash of imagination, these simple little robots come with a whole load of inspiration and fun, and have spread far and wide into the international community bringing STEM inspiration and opportunities wherever they go. Learn more


The Academies

KRA 2018a.jpg

With not one but two organizations we developed ourselves, we offer nine different robotics workshops each year. Our academies are week-long programs held during summer and fall intersessions, where children from grades 1-8 learn valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they experiment and play with more than six different robotics learning platforms.


The Real World

We don't just build robots. We build people too. By participating in real research projects, international science and technology conferences, and real-world engineering challenges, we give our members the freedom to learn, explore, and gain valuable experiences, preparing them for the future.