About Us

Who Are We?


Team 3008 was started in 2008 and is an ongoing, year-round Organization. Our team is student-directed and consists of over 30 dedicated members. Over the  past few years our team has grown from a little club at a High School into an organization that does many outreach events for our community. Throughout the year we host many fundraising events and competitions.


As a club we participate in many robotics competitions throughout the state and abroad. Most notably VEX Robotics and FIRST Robotics. We push our members to be the best they can be and more so that they are prepared for the abundance of oppurtunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Our Fundraisers

Kalani Robotics Academy (KRA):

Every year during summer and fall break we host our Kalani Robotics Academy which is a one week course for students aged 5-12. In the Academy students are introduced to robotics and  basic programming methods in one of 4 classes. In KRA students will gain creativity, confidence, technological experience, and teamwork skills so that they can grow up to be successful leaders in careers involving STEM.


Bristlebot kits are introductory robotics kits developed by our team for both community outreach and fundraising. We demonstrate and sell Bristlbots at many community events such as craft fairs. Started by our alumni members, Bristlebots have become a successful and popular product.

Current Projects

Team 3008 is currently trying to open a STEM center on Central Oahu. The center will be available for all robotics clubs in the state to go to for making parts, designing robots, and getting help. We hope to procure a large open space where we can fit multiple power tools, work areas, and even a parts shop for teams. 

        *Update: Friends of Hawaii Robotics has shown interest in                                      helping us start up the PERCH center under STEM Center                          of Hawaii. We are waiting for legislation to be passed.

Student Team Leaders:

Darius Despain-                Team Captain, FRC Head

Lee Danielle Young-         Team Co-Captain, PR Head, Treasurer

Liana Michelle Young-      Communications Officer, Head Scout

Kevin Amoy-                     FRC Build

Fabrice Rosala-                FRC Programming, Sponsorships
Peter Johnson-                 FRC Control System, BristleBot Sponsorship Co-Leader

Camelia Lai-                     BristleBot Sponsorship Co-Leader, Webmaster

Sara Nakagaki-                Archiving, VEX Team Captain

Blake Yamamoto-            Media, VEX Team Captain
Riley Kishaba-                 Fundraising Coordinator

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