Team Magma is completely student-run and for some students, an after-school club is not enough for them. Kalani High School offers a "Management Class" for students looking to make a bigger impact on the team. Students in this class learn how to manage projects, make and sell products, help the community, make use of their resources, solve current problems using STEAM, and overall just improve the team. 

Meet the Students


Christopher Lei (Senior)


Chris is a focused, hard-working student that project manages many events on the team. He likes to focus on projects in small groups or on his own, producing exceptional work. Chris is proficient in using the resources around him to teach himself new skills. Chris has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and competes in FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition, and Drones.

Kyla Lee (Junior)


Kyla is a bubbly, self motivated individual that project manages Girls in Technology, Engineering, and Computing (GTEC). She loves teaching and helping little kids because of the ‘aha’ moment they have when their faces’ light up with excitement when they see that what they’ve worked so hard on actually moves or actually works. Kyla has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and competes in FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition, Oahu Mathematics League, CyberPatriots, and GirlsGoCyberStart (so far). She is in leadership in robotics and in the LEO club (a community service and outreach club) computer programming club, and mathematics team. She has gotten first place in engineering and mechanical design in ISSEF Science Fair, recognition from the governor of Hawaii for getting first place in GirlsGoCyberStart and 6th place nation-wide, and the Novice Award for CyberPatriots. Kyla loves giving back to the community as she is very involved with various volunteering, such as FIRST Lego League, beach clean-ups, VEX volunteer Chinese translator, Kalani Robotics Academy, GTEC, craft fairs, various STEM nights at different schools, tutoring, Special Olympics, and she volunteers every Sunday at New Hope Manoa church. Kyla plans to crush it at a technical university, most likely going on to at least an advanced degree. She hopes to pursue a career in the cyber security field. Kyla looks forward to a future of continuing her journey through the wonders of the cyber world.

Katelynn Crouch (Junior)


Katelynn is a determined, passionate student. She has held a leadership position in the FRC team since her sophomore year and has recently obtained a leadership position on the VEX team. Katelynn hopes to continue to improve and support the team. She has been a part of many projects including planning community events, website design/management, and personal computer science projects. Katelynn aims to be a supportive role model to those around her. She also aspires to continue to spread her love and passion for STEAM as she moves on to college. When she is not busy with school or trying to help the community, she is often found at the beach, mall, or at home teaching herself new skills. Her hobbies consist of crocheting, swimming, guitar, art, and creative makeup. Katelynn enjoys volunteering with the robotics team and at the aquarium as much as possible in hopes of helping the community.

Richelle Chong (Junior)


Richelle is an optimistic, diligent individual. Her positivity and contagious smile always lights up the room. Richelle excels at anything technological, being very knowledgeable in that field. She is academically outstanding while also managing the VEX team, and being involved in the school's varsity tennis team. She is always supportive to those around her, always offering a hand. Richelle continues to be a big part of the team, immersing herself in projects when she can. She hopes to get a degree in mechatronics in the future.

Kellen Sapp (Junior)


Kellen is a new member of the team, always eager to help. He has recently showed interest in the team's media and working mechanical. Kellen is also a part of the school's football team.

Meet the Teacher


Bryan Silver

Bryan Silver is currently teaching four levels of Engineering classes, STEM Capstone, and running four successful after-school robotic programs in: FIRST Robotics, FIRST Tech Challenge, VEX and Drones. His free time is spent SCUBA diving and racing sailboats from dinghies to forty footers.

Bryan strives to get students involved and passionate about STEAM and spreading their knowledge to the community. His students' projects range from designing a 50-foot bridge out of 2x4s and twine in  to acting as project managers and hosting robotic events. Making the boring beguiling and the frustrating fascinating, Bryan has developed an outstanding after-school robotics program, secured over $280,000 in grant support, and developed three student-run businesses that continue to keep the program running. He has also worked on a Mobile Makery Center designed out of a 40-foot container with the help of ImagineWorks, a nonprofit organization created by his alumni. Bryan continues to inspire his students every day, pushing them to do their best and doing everything he can to help them achieve their goals.


  • University of California, Santa Barbara: B.A. in Archaeology and Religious Studies

  • University of Hawaii, Manoa: POST BAC in History and Special Education  

  • Eagle Scout (1989)

  • Recipient of 2016 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching 

  • National Center for Women in Technologies Teacher of the Year 2013 and 2018

  • 2015 Woodie Flower’s Excellence for Mentor’s Award in Robotics

  • Albert Einstein Distiqished Educator Fellowship (National Science Fondation Engineering Division)